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Top Review Aditya
1 min readJun 30, 2021

Get Ready

This is a “heads up” email because something big is about to disrupt the I.M. space.

Hey ,

Have you ever heard of a “weekend blowout” — it’s a term coined by Omar & Melinda Martin about 10 years ago when they were running an online sale?

It doesn’t happen often but whenever they do these blowouts things get a bit crazy.

Customers get ridiculous amounts of value for insanely low prices. Softwares and tools that normally cost hundreds of dollars are reduced to practically pennies.

Products you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, suddenly become within your reach. The playing field becomes leveled during a weekend blowout.


There is a FREEDOM SALE about to kick off. Keep your eyes peeled for my emails about this over the entire weekend because it’s gonna be a doozy.

Don’t just buy the products. STUDY THE MARKETING. Learn from the way they position the entire campaign.

It’s pure genius and it takes place this weekend.

I can’t wait!

To Your Success,



Top Review Aditya

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