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  1. What is ADA Bundle? — Why It’s A Must-Have? — And Why Should
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Hello, and thanks for checking out this review!
Before you go ahead, I want to say that I don’t promise that this will be a very short
read(it’s actually a 5 minutes read), but I do assure you that it’ll be worth every minute
spent going through it.
My big promise: By the end of this article you’d have come into the best opportunity that
has ALL the potentials to change your life this year 2021, NO FLUFF!
Alright, let’s dig in…
Every other day, there’s one marketer or the other in your inbox trying to sell you on a
“so-called” agency opportunity or the other…
This may have become a common trend, but the truth is that it isn’t a bad one at all.
Here is why…
As someone who has been in the trench and bliss of the online hustle, I can tell you for
free that starting an agency business is one sure and easy way to start off online.
In fact, there’s ONLY one way to make money online… And that’s selling a product or a
service, you must just SELL something!
And for an agency, it’s selling a service, that people really need and are willing to pay
But the problem here is having a “million and one” people offering the same service as
you are. This leaves you struggling for a bite from a very tiny and yet already saturated
Many times for someone that is just starting out, there’s really no chance to get a bite.
This is one major reason you’ve had little or no success with any of such purchases in
the past. before…

The Opportunity

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make
accommodations for people with disabilities in all their web content. The act provides
that all web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must
navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.
More than 10,000 websites were sued as of 2020 due to non-compliance. This number
is expected to hit 100k by 2022.
Most business/website owners sued pay between $20 — $200k as out of court
settlement. A recent settlement was $6m.
Businesses have spent an average of $3k — $50k to get their website fixed.
Unlike GDPR, The ADA law requires no notice before a lawsuit is filed against a
company for non-compliance.
This tells you one thing; NO ONE IS SAFE!
YOU, your company, your church, your school, your friends, your neighbours, in fact,
the over 400 million active websites online are faced with this one thing — The Dire Need
To Become ADA Compliant ASAP!
And guess what, to become ADA compliant is no small job. You have to meticulously
deal with each image, video file, audio file, and more in a CERTAIN way so that your
site is truly ADA compliant.
In fact, in my research, I reached out to over 10 web development agencies and they
charged a minimum of $4,000 on average for the most basic ADA optimization service.
Again, this tells you one thing — ADA optimization is a service that not ONLY have a very
large market in dire need of it, but this market is also willing to pay “top dollar” because
they are literarily being saved from tens of thousands of dollars in imminent lawsuits.
So Imagine…

So imagine you had everything it takes to flag an agency that offers ADA optimization
1. Do you think you’ll be in the business of selling a service that the market truly
needs and are willing to pay for?
2. Do you think, the market will be big enough for even you(a beginner) to get a fair
share and scale your profits to 6 figures?
Let me give you perspective here; imagine you closed only 5 clients in a
month(remember EVERYONE with as little as a single web page online needs it — so
closing 5 clients is just being modest) for $2,000 each on average, that’s an extra $10,
000 a month
3. Would that put you on a path to finally living your dream life?
If you answered yes to all three questions, then PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION,
because what I’m about to reveal next is more than winning the lottery!
What if I told you that there’s a software platform that can get ANY WEBSITE to be ADA
Compliant in ONLY THREE STEPS?
You heard me…
“Get ANY WEBSITE to be ADA compliant in ONLY three clicks!”
You don’t need any previous knowledge whatsoever — all you actually need is to be able
to click your mouse; copy and paste a single line of code on the webiste footer and
you’re good!
Now if that got your eyes poping and your heart beating faster, let me seize the moment
to introduce you to the BIGGEST opportunity for you to finally start off and start making
sustainable income online…


ADA Bundle Website Accessibility Software!

What Is ADA Bundle?
ADA Bundle is the first of its kind “all-in-one” SaaS platform that helps website owners
improve their website accessibility in minutes and become ADA compliant.
It works in ONLY three steps;
Step 1 ⇒ Add your website URL to generate your accessibility profile and compliance
Step 2 ⇒ Personalize and customize your accessibility options. Thankfully with ADA
Bundle everything comes properly set up and ready to go by default.
Step 3 ⇒ Copy the pixel code, add it to your website and you are good to go!
Now, how cool is that?
There are over 30 requirements need for ADA compliance and ADA Bundle checks all
It’s the very first of it’s kind on this space with all the accessibility features you need;
Readable Experience Features
● Content scaling
● Readability font
● Dyslexia Friendly
● Highlight titles
● Highlight links
● Text magnifier
● Font sizing
● Line weight
● Letter spacing
● Text alignment
Accessibility Mode Features
● Epilepsy safe mode
● Cognitive Disability Mode
● ADHD Friendly Mode



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